When we talk about artist rescuing beauty, we arent talking about the traditional view of photojournalism. The type that records what is there from no objective angle and easily manipulates the emotions of their readers. The artists who aim to rescue beauty are the ones who jump into the action on a personal level, who invest in their subjects, who want to show the love of God to everyone who may be a part or involved in the story.

This is what Hannah and Sarah are endeavoring to be a part of.

To this end, let's pray today that the girls will see this story the way Jesus sees. It's not worth it for them to be "just another team" of photojournalists working on a human trafficking story. It needs to be much more than this. It needs to be inspired of God and from an angle that only He sees.

May our creative and awesome God inspire Hannah and Sarah to this end today.


Interested on other ways to get involved with the plight of Human Trafficking? Check out Call and Response. The first full length feature documentary created by an undercover team of philanthropists to raise awareness and give outlet for involvement by ordinary citizens. I found it super cool.

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